What is the Meaning & Definition of Universal

The universal term is a qualifying adjective used to indicate all that are considered generally applicable to all. Universal clearly comes from the idea of universe, and while it is not possible to use the concept in relation to the universe as a physical and cosmological entity, is used so metaphorically to mean that when something is universal, it is interesting to those that relate to that situation or event. For example, if we say that a thought is universal, we mean that it is a way of thinking that can be found everywhere and is very common, not characteristic of few people.
The universal Word has to a large extent a sense or metaphysical and philosophical meaning that ties it directly to the question of what the existence, what means and what is part of it. To facilitate the designation of universe, and therefore universal, philosophers and human beings in general has determined that the universe is everything that exists, which makes that she is then faced with the concept of nothing. Nothing is where there is no place, where there is no existence, where there is no possibility of being. The universe is everything that takes place, that exists. This can be not only in material terms, but also in mental terms, because they are also part of the universe thoughts and ideas, since they exist in our minds and in our psyche. On the other hand, the universe in more specific terms is understood as the space where phenomena such as galaxies, solar systems and planets develop.
All this is what the universal Word is used to refer to everything that happens at the global or full level. Many times the universal Word is used to say that something happens or relates to the entire universe, but in everyday language, it is also common to use it to point out what happens at the level of the planet Earth, ultimately because it is what the human being known and the only place where human beings know of life.

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