What is the Meaning & Definition of uranium

A chemical element present in nature and living beings

Uranium is one of the most popular nature metallic chemical elements since it is present in the footballer environment, such as rocks and water, and also in human beings.

Radioactive docile and malleable, metal

As we noted recently it is a chemical element which is characterized be metal, being easy to work and shape and by radioactivity. The radioactivity and the provision of an atom enabled to generate a division into two parts or more and with a large release of energy (fission) are precisely their most unique signals between the vast universe of chemical elements.

Component of atomic bombs

And we can not ignore that it has been used in the making of the atomic bomb.
Atomic bombs are instruments, military weapons, used precisely to instances of a military conflict between two or more Nations and we are able to release a tremendous amount of energy in a very violent as a result of the fission of components such as uranium.
This issue is that the uranium has a negative connotation in the collective popular because he knows his big speech and role when it comes to the generation of military weapons as destructive as in the case of the atomic bomb.
Another uniqueness stands out to uranium is its atomic weight, the most important of all the elements that exist in nature.
Sets apart it with the letter capital U and atomic number 92.

In the 18th century was discovered by a German chemist who named it in honor of the planet Uranus

Their identification as such we owe to the German chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth, who towards the end of the 18th century discovered it as oxide. He decided to give that particular name in homage to the planet Uranus, which had been discovered just a few years earlier. However, the uranium was on planet Earth at low concentrations from thousands and thousands of years and according to the data that have provided their scholars was the result of the explosion of the star.
There is currently an industry around the uranium that deals out of nature through various techniques to then concentrate it.

Other uses of uranium

To remove some of that stigma with which load we must say that it is also used in the context of photography, to manufacture glass, as fuel, among other uses.
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