What is the Meaning & Definition of urban tribes

Traditionally in our language the concept of tribe has been used to refer to that social group whose members share uses and customs, traditions, or an ancestor in common, among other issues. Then, many of the earliest peoples of our civilization have been referred to as tribes.
Although the concept is still applying to the same, it is worth mentioning is that in recent years has been added an additional reference has to do precisely with the times at which case is called urban tribe to those groups of persons that are matched in terms of interests, inclinations, tastes and preferences in favor of something. I.e. in this case, it turns out to be the affinity that links various people and gathers them into a social group called, as we said, urban tribes.
The addition of the term urban concept has to do with the fact that these groupings have their origin just in the big cities where you can gather and share these affinities.
Usually, the urban tribes gather around an interest that they share, for example, the cult to a musical group or a stream of such and tend to express and further consolidate that inclination that together from the use of various symbols and physical signs, including clothing, one of the most common.
Vale mentioned also that another feature of the urban tribes is that do not respond to the dominant culture, i.e. they choose to follow a set of behaviors and customs that not many remain and this is same that highlights of the social collective.
Thus, fans of the genre known as dark, are clearly recognised how prevailing black-no colored.
The punks are another type of urban tribe also very popular on the streets of the metropolis, demonstrating their semi skinheads with ridges and wearing jackets and leather trousers and wearing ankle boots.
Unfortunately, I must also mention that this distinction and differentiation so deep that even arises from the members of the urban tribe for the rest of society has generated that acts of extreme violence and clashes between those who belong to urban tribes that show conflicting proposals trigger.
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