What is the Meaning & Definition of urgency

Urgency means various issues according to the use that is given to it and to the context in which will use it...

What is character or quality of urgent

In general terms, emergency refers to that which holds character or quality of urgent. Consider a situation in which a family member is going through a serious problem as it might have been lost in an area that does not know and that is perceived as dangerous, calling us, to tell us what happens and ask us for help we will talk with urgency.

Need or compelling lack of something or someone

On the other hand, urgency is the need or compelling lack of something or someone. In this sense the need can be associated to something physical, for example have the urgency to go to the bathroom because it is eager to urinate. And on the other hand may be an emotional urgency, need with soul be with someone who is not close at any given time. "Yesterday you needed urgently."

What is urgent

It also said that urgency will be what is urgent. An example that is very clear to understand this meaning of the word is in our work when it happens something unexpected and that is very important and additionally requiring our intervention to be resolved as soon as possible. An urgency appeared at work and had to return to the office in the afternoon.
Speaking of laws, rules and regulations, an urgency will also the obligation to immediately comply with the stipulated requirements.

Area within the hospitals in which cases that need immediate medical care are addressed

Meanwhile, in the context in which most recurrently used, which is in the field of medicine, is said to be urgency that Department or area within the hospitals which will cater to sick and wounded needing immediate medical care, i.e., the severity of the table presenting demands immediate attention because there is a serious risk of life.
An urgency within the medical Protocol will have various levels and for this reason it is important that the health professionals that work in this area know distinguish it and have criminalized every one know how should act accordingly.

Degrees of urgency

The vital urgency, means that the life of the patient runs risk either the possibility that there is a functional sequel to gravity.
Then the perceived urgency, which is the one in which feels an urgency but that is not vital, i.e., is there is no risk of life. And finally is called relative urgency, which in this case specialists agree that if it is an emergency that requires as a matter of priority and urgent attention.
Every patient who comes to a sanatorium, hospital or clinic Emergency Department will be evaluated to determine at what level or phase of urgency is appropriate and shall be based on the conclusion that is being removed.
As recurrently it is confused with other similar sooo term, of emergency, will be necessary to emphasize that in the case of emergency is a health situation to be presented suddenly and requires immediate treatment and medical care, i.e. the emergency could be placed next to the urgency but denotes a case of greater gravity, which should already be assisted Instead the urgency is a term which refers alarm but that it has not nor denotes the same gravity that if emergency term is used.
Anyway is differentiation that we do have more than nothing to do with a matter of semantics, both the urgency and emergency, as you like to call it, it must be staffed by medical professionals with the same speed.
The most important thing to consider in this regard is that a health care professional ever, dismiss an urgency. His duty first will be exhausting all instances, physical examination, use of any technique diagnose further, among others.
Meanwhile, when all this is accomplished successfully and the doctor believes the patient is physically and don't need to move it to a special unit to treat a condition that puts his life at risk, the urgency shall be refused.
Nowadays because of the stress that you live it is customary that in health emergencies patients are presented with symptoms associated with some serious medical condition but in reality it's a panic attack, which usually presents with similar symptoms to those of heart attacks or respiratory ailments, among others. In these cases, obviously you have to rule out physical gravity and then if it is before an attack of this type is shall instruct the patient a referral with the specialty of Psychiatry.
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