What is the Meaning & Definition of use

The term use has several meanings that imply the use of the same course in different contexts that have no relationship between itself.
Use first and foremost refers to the Act of wearing something and in the various ways I mentioned is given to the word we are first with the one who puts it at the same time and as a synonym for a custom or habit, for example, women of yesteryear used crinoline dress or men, instead of gel, used hair gel that is in this sense refers to those practices or customs which were fashionable during a time and which of course marked the same and whenever reference is made to this point in history it is inevitable that these not be we also come to mind.
Another use of the term refers to the use of any object as a tool to achieve or fulfill a purpose or goal.
Also in the field of Linguistics the term use holds a significant presence since it has its raison d ' être to talk about applications that are given to certain expressions.

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