What is the Meaning & Definition of user

A user is the individual who uses or works with any object or device or using any service in particular.
For computing is a user who uses a device or computer and performs multiple operations for various purposes. It is often a user who purchases a computer or electronic device and who used it to communicate with other users, generate content and documents, use software of different type and many other possible actions.
A user is model or average who have in mind the development of hardware and computer software companies whenever they designed a new device or application. This user is not necessarily one particularly instructed or trained in the use of new technologies, or in programming or development, by which the interface of the device in question should be simple and easy to learn. However, each type of development has its own user model and for some companies, the parameter of each user is different.
There are different types of user. For example, the end user is that customer or consumer of computer software and hardware that uses it social, professional or personal purposes. The registered user is a term much used in the development of applications and web sites that require some kind of prior registration or membership to be used. Today many websites like social networks require a simple and free registration allowing the user to access benefits, features and a personalized account. Instead, the anonymous user is one who browse web sites or online services without authentication, and therefore does not provide personal data to the developer. An anonymous user has less privileges often, but may also be considered that access to a greater protection of your personal information. Another type of user is the tester, which dealt reviewing the features of a program or web site in order to confirm that they operate correctly.
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