What is the Meaning & Definition of validity

In its broadest sense the word force is applied to refer to what is quality of existing, i.e., that it remains current, still fulfills its functions even with the elapsed time.
The concept can be applied to people, objects, symbolic issues, among others.
In the case of human beings, when we say that such or which maintains in force, almost always is linked to the profession they play, to the fact of staying within the same on the first level, whether business, sport or art, despite the age that is that it should say a decline in their capacities. The validity of the Beatles is really impressive, though it's been several decades since its dissolution, continue to be leaders in sales. The validity of this athlete is unquestionable, recent results at the Olympic Games demonstrate it.
Meanwhile, for objects the effect has to do with the loss or revocation of the value. VCRs have lost validity against the incredible advancement of DVD equipment. The validity of the radio as the family entertainment hub, certainly no longer be the same old, first was television and now Internet continues to remove him space.
Also, the word force is often used to refer to that which has gone out of fashion. The fox fur Sheepskin have no more effective for more than one decade.
Of the foregoing it is clear then that the word is used in many areas... to refer to the validity of certain moral codes, some traditions and customs, some words that although they were many years ago, today, have returned or perishable type product.
In the context of the law, for example, it is used a lot, and we can find with the existing law is that of effective enforcement in a State, as opposed to the historical right, whose standards have already been repealed by other laws that established it either because new are no more compatible with the previous ones.
A legal rule will take effect when after being approved by the competent authority is published in the Official Gazette that corresponds, unless the same institution established any distinctive effective date for x reason.
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