What is the Meaning & Definition of Valley

Depression of the Earth's surface that manifests itself between two aspects of shape tilted and elongated into a sea, Lake or endorheic basin

Valley call that depression of the Earth's surface that manifests itself between two aspects of tilted and elongated shape towards a sea, Lake, or endorheic basin, which usually pass the waters of a river or the ice of a glacier, failing. The main causes of their original training include: fluvial erosion or mechanical weathering.

Types of valleys most common

There are different types of valleys, in which different geographic contingencies will have much to do when it comes to determining them and differentiate them.
A young relief, usually dominated by valleys v, characterized by its aspects little shaped by erosion and that converge in a very narrow bottom.
On the other hand, when the State of erosion is really advanced the so-called originate valleys alluvial, they boast a flat and broad, Fund formed by alluvial deposits which wander and vibrates the water.
Then we can find with valleys in U, which are a direct consequence of the glaciers. They have steep walls and the bottom is concave. Within this type, might be that back an ancient glacier, the bed of one of its tributaries is at a height well above it and then the empties its side form waterfalls.
The Valley died or also popularly known as decapitated River (because no longer presents a course of water) occurs when a river is captured by another, either when his bed has been closed by a mountain range or other deposit.
Meanwhile, the valleys blind, originating in the land karstic, i.e. the product of chemical weathering of certain rocks, are those who do not have a natural outlet and water circulating are closed by a counterslope, then, by the penetrate into the soil and will continue its course by a network of underground type.
And the valleys Endorheic, very common in more arid areas, take place because the rivers cannot leave their watersheds flowing by these types of valleys.

Famous valleys

The most famous valleys that can be found in world geography include the following: Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Loire Valley, Napa Valley, Nile Valley, Valley of Mexico, the Ebro Valley, Valley of the Danube and Central Valley of California, among others.

Places on the planet that are characterized by a formidable beauty

But beyond strictly geographically that we were explaining in detail lines up we must say that the Valley is not only that, an accident of world geography, but the valleys are also places of our planet that are characterized by a formidable beauty that causes in those who visit them a tremendous admiration for the peculiarities of the terrain. The natural environment that also accompanies them should be highlighted because it adds to that visual and a beautiful postcard that we provide and because it with respect to its value are a certainly decisive element. Many of the valleys have animals and native flora that distinguishes them and accompanying wonderfully unique geography that boast.

Favourite places for nature-loving tourists

For these reasons that we mentioned is that the valleys are places highly demanded by love of just being close to nature and tourism that revels in the single contemplation of a beautiful landscape.
Those who love nature and performed hiking of natural type often choose as destination the valleys.

Care for the natural environment of the Valley

Meanwhile, because of the importance that they hold at the natural level and also on the tourism demand of a nation is that it is very important to take care and protect to the valleys. Many of them are located in national parks which enjoy the protection of the State, but clear, not always it is sufficient and it is important to generate awareness in those who live there, and visitors of course, to contribute to their care and do not damage them with inconsiderate action and natural anti.

Other uses of the term

On to other things, we must mention that the word Valley has other uses in our language. It's a word that happens to be the surname of many Spanish speaking people, and there is a very popular expression, Valley of tears, which is used with the Mission's concern that such or which person is flooded by sadness and crying as a result of having suffered a situation that caused him much pain.

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