What is the Meaning & Definition of value

The value is a quality that gives to things, events or persons an estimate ethical or aesthetic as shall be responsible in each case and which may be positive or negative.
Being an issue extremely important and widely studied within the field of philosophy is that within this there is a branch that deals only with appropriate and study: axiology. Basically this will deal with the nature and essence of the value in question.
Then concerning its nature, the philosophical currents of idealism and materialism propose two well contrasting issues among themselves. There are two positions inside the idealism, on the one hand the objective idealism believes that the value is outside persons or things, as, for the subjective idealism can find it value in the consciousness of the people.
And on the other hand, materialism, considered that the nature of the value lies and will depend on the ability of every human being has to assess the world objectively.
On the other hand, the values are also used to give us a finished idea of moral characteristics that people hold. Among the most outstanding values and that most people seek to achieve a personal goal, we can mention the responsibility, humility, solidarity and mercy.
Values, in addition, for the society or community in which every human being develops, lives and coexists with the rest, are usually used to impart teachings on what would be the actions or attitudes to follow and which to set aside because they damage the happy coexistence within a society or because they are largely harmful to the development of our neighbor.
At home or at school, many times, the values are put as examples of social relations so kids can learn to always act with respect towards each other. Surely, when someone may act accordingly with one of the values that we cite above, one will say that that person has values. In this matter of the social Convention about the same that values are also beliefs of utmost importance, that a culture shares once they have arisen as a result of the social Convention said.
This will result in the famous scale of values prevailing in each society, which will propose the values going from the most positive to the most negative.
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