What is the Meaning & Definition of valve

A fast, cold and brief description of valve tells us that it is a device that basically regulates the passage of liquids and/or gases between different lines.

If we have to sharpen the view a bit and refer specifically to what makes a car engine, then we say that a valve is actually a faucet that has clearly a form of nail with a big head, whose main function is the manage the entry and exit of gases from the cylinder. In short the valve in the engine of a car is an integral part of the distribution system.
More specifically say that the valve in a vehicle which has a system of internal combustion is responsible for allowing the mixture (fuel / air) air or simply, as the case may be, to the combustion chamber and allow the exit of gases which burn after that same combustion.
In a four-stroke engine, the first movements is the admission, which causes the (inlet) valve is opened, and given the suction that exerts the piston in its downward journey, makes possible the entrance of a volume of mixture equal to displacement or the piston travel. Closes (valve) when the piston reaches its lower peak, in the same way that makes it the exhaust valve during compression (second time).
Third time is the power and the expansion that when it is ending gives rise to the fourth time, that is, of the escape, in which the valve of the same name opens allowing the expulsion of the burned gases. So four times end when the exhaust valve is closed.

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