What is the Meaning & Definition of Vatican

Known as one of the most particular of Europe places, and perhaps also on the planet, the Vatican is a city-State which governs itself and which is located in the Italian city of Rome. It could be said that the territory of the Vatican is an enclave within the city where the Roman Apostolic Catholic Church was officially institutionalized. The Vatican has an area of less than half a square kilometer since its territory is simply the Basilica and Saint Peter's square more some other surrounding areas. Its population does not exceed nine hundred fifty people, most of them members of the Church.
The Vatican achieved its independence to become an autonomous State in 1929 and currently its form of Government is elective theocracy, the highest authority for this city is the Pontiff, elected through the properly established guidelines among a Council of superiors. This position is for life, i.e., that the maximum Pontiff is only replaced the dying.
Unlike other States, the Vatican does not have productive activities which support their economy. However, due to its important tourism, the Vatican can carry out their accounts comfortably, as well as the income that the Catholic Church receives in all parts of the world.
The Vatican is visited every day by millions of people seeking to learn about one of the most important places for the Catholic religion. While this is not the place where he began it, yes it was the place where it was made official to then go to universal religion and to be disseminated by the planet more effectively. The presence of the Vatican in Rome dates back to the times which the Roman Empire still existed.
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