What is the Meaning & Definition of vegetarian

He is considered vegetarian to that individual who carries out a type of feeding based main and almost exclusively on the consumption of vegetables, fruits, grains and seeds, leaving aside any type of meat, is this coming from cattle, pigs, fish, farm animals, and many other animals normally consumed as food. Normally, the vegetarian if can include in your diet the consumption of animal products such as milk or eggs, being named vegan who doesn't even use those products.
The choice of a diet of vegetarian type can be related to different reasons but the most common is usually one that is related to the development of a diet based on the ethical and humane treatment of animals. Other common reasons may have to do with the specific needs of each individual, with the desire to develop a healthier diet, and, in some cases, with economic aspects that make the meat a product difficult to consume by those who do not have big money. In addition, some religions can also influence the use of certain products derived from animals.
For vegetarian philosophy, meat consumption made by human beings is not more than a cultural imposition being actually the organism, teeth and even mode of understanding human nutrition are not really carnivorous. In addition to this an interest to eliminate the use of animals as food that has to do with ethical positions and respect for any type of animal rights almost of rennet. It is then when foods such as vegetables, fruits, cereals, grains, fat of vegetable origin and seeds that are intended to complete a diet free from suffering and perhaps even more integral and aware that a meat consumer.
In general, it relates to vegetarian diet to another type of power which may not necessarily be vegetarian. The macrobiotic meals, health food, organic and integral are linked to vegetarianism based on a style of food, preparation and cooking more natural and in better balance with the environment.
Examples of famous vegetarians have existed throughout history, finding some of them in ancient times. Today, vegetarian culture has spread greatly not only thanks to the news organizations against the use of animals for human consumption, if not through the example that some celebrities who based their diet on products ethically approved. He is also considered that those who carry out a vegetarian diet show better indices of health, especially in regards to cholesterol, diabetes, and coronary dysfunction.
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