What is the Meaning & Definition of vehemence

The vehemence term is used to refer to a kind of attitude that humans may have in certain situations. The vehemence always implies passion and full commitment with the defense of a certain position, idea or situation and although in many cases it is seen negatively by mean impulsivity or exaggeration, many others assume a high level of commitment and clarity of ideas. This is why the vehemence as a way of acting is appropriate to some areas but not all (for example, is not recommended in formal and labour fields).
If one analyses etymological so the word vehemence will discover that this term comes from the latin, more specifically of the term vemens. In this sense, see means in latin "off" or "away", while just mens meaning "mind". Thus, we can understand that the vehemence Word could mean literally away from the mind, obnubilado, irrational. This has no doubt a negative about this word view because it means that an individual who strongly acts does so irrational, without thinking or reasoning. This is that many times the idea of vehemence or someone who is vehement can lead us to think that it's a very impulsive person, that does not stop to think about their actions or sayings, acting with emotion rather than reason and on numerous occasions with violence.
However, the term vehemence also has a positive sense which is one that implies the notion of compromise and defend certain values. What matters in this sense is whatever these values, common sense and how to engage with them that a person can show. The vehemence often is present when there are issues such as political issues, sports, ways of understanding the world or even personal styles since all of them are elections of the person making their identity and their way of being.
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