What is the Meaning & Definition of Venezuela

Being one of the most extensive and influential in Latin America, Venezuela it has inhabitants in an area of nearly 915 thousand square km and a population of about 28 million. Venezuela has limits artificially created and shared with other countries (Dominican Republic, islands of the Caribbean, Brazil, Colombia, Guyana) as well as natural limits (especially in what makes a large part of its northern border bordering the Caribbean Sea). In addition, it has some small islands off its coast and in Caribbean waters.
The capital of Venezuela is the most important and super beautiful city of Caracas, tourist, administrative and political center of the country. In what refers to its Government, Venezuela is officially a federal Republic, notion is added to which presidential property, which gives special estelaridad the President's turn. At the same time, Venezuela is politically organized in 23 States, as well as the federal district (Caracas) and other dependencies not continental.
Due to its extension, we cannot speak of a single climate or geography in the case of Venezuela. Its territory is determined by the climate tropical, dry, temperate and cold depending on each of the areas. At the same time, the flora and fauna of the place is incredibly wonderful, finding animals like bears, marine and terrestrial turtles, toucans, fabulous amount of smaller birds, iguanas, dolphins and whales from thousands of others.
The main economic activities of Venezuela today have to do with the extraction of oil. Other natural resources, such as different types of metals, are also an important part of Venezuelan wealth and why both are extracted and marketed. At the same time, Venezuela devotes much of its territory to the agricultural production of raw materials such as tropical fruits, cotton, cane sugar, corn, potato, rice, coffee, cocoa and tobacco just to mention some. Fishing is obviously of utmost relevance because of the permanent contact with the maritime spaces that this country has.
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