What is the Meaning & Definition of Verbal violence

The violence has ways to manifest itself. Not only violence can be shown through body language, for example, through a coup, but also, through verbal violence since the words, and especially, the way in which these words are communicated can also convey aggressiveness.
Verbal violence can show through insults, personal descalificativos, hurtful words...
From this point of view, in relation to the tone of voice, it is also possible to transmit verbal aggression through the cries which are a form of humiliation and manipulation in which a person establishes a relationship of domain against the victim. A victim who is as an object and not as a person (i.e. the person is devoid of infinite dignity).
The wounds of the soul
Sometimes, people take a long time to realize that suffer verbal violence since the footprint of this violence is not so visible in the short term as the effect produced by the physical violence of a coup that may cause a break in the skin.
However, while the wounds of the soul are not at first glance, yes they are. What are the effects that derive from verbal violence? Decrease of the self-esteem of the victim since the image which of itself is distorted through the external message received.
In addition, it also increases personal unhappiness in relation to that emotional link. Persons who are victims of verbal violence can be even guilty as a result of emotional manipulation and blackmail exercised by the assailant on the victim. Occasionally, after excessive anger reached the chapter of forgiveness and reconciliation.
Denounce violence
The offender usually ends by isolating the victim from their immediate environment, i.e. distance him from his family and his closest friends-core. The manipulator and the victim developed a relationship of dependency that should break denouncing the situation of abuse. This type of violence may occur in the context of the couple's relationship. Sometimes, the verbal violence is the first hint of toxic relationship that announces a second stage of physical violence. A problem of male violence against women.
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