What is the Meaning & Definition of versatile

The versatile term is used extensively in our language when you want to realize that someone or something adapt to any situation, even up to the most dissimilar. Also when something has several utilities one will say that it is versatile.
That facility that can present a person in adapting to environments, contexts, situations, jobs, among others, no doubt, is taken as a huge quality and advantage over other individuals who do not have it.
And this is basically because today more than ever, we live in a society that is constantly changing, and that strong and rapid changes new technologies have a lot to do and then have this feature it will be an advantage that will allow the person easily adapt, for example to change a cell phone that has a degree of complexity in its management.
The versatile individual can respond to various stimuli and also adapts quickly and successfully to different contexts, today can live in Argentina and tomorrow in Germany without cultural change affect it.
For instance, in all work environments is appreciated greatly to those employees that recognizes this quality.
On the other hand, the concept is used, although to a lesser extent, to demonstrate that such or which has a very changeable, swinging character. We use really bit the word in this sense because that takes the lead in our language is the term of cyclothymic, by which we mean exactly the same thing.
People with cyclothymic or versatile character are by this particular feature mentioned quite unpredictable, given that it is not known how to respond to a situation, to a comment, among other issues.
The versatile individual today can feel at ease and comfortable with a person and tomorrow get up, find it in the same circumstances and directly not greet her because he falls ill.
This unpredictability, when it is recognized and known by its surroundings, without a doubt, can play a trick since it is normal when people appreciate such behaviors decide not to get too close to this type of people, being affected in a direct way their social life.
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