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The concept of verse called one of the most common forms which are usually divided so brief chapters of some books, especially those who have a religious content, being the most emblematic case of the Bible.
In the particular case of the Bible, those who have read it, without a doubt, recognize this particular division above all things, where the division into sentences or segmented phrases are a trademark in each of their chapters. There are even some verses so diffused by religion who were able to collect life of its own beyond the Bible.
In the book of Genesis for example, verse 1:1: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth".
In the book of the Koran, which as we know is also the sacred text more relevant at the behest of the religion of Islam, the division into verses within each chapter exists. There it referred to specifically as ayahs and there are more than six thousand and two hundred. The aayah is the lowest division of azora them or chapters, which in this case are 114.
But not only to religious texts is limited the use of the term verse but that also in the literature in general we could find with it.
More precisely the metric, which is art that deals exclusively with rhythm, the extent, structure and the combination of the verses of a poem, defines a verse like that verse that has an extension that is not fixed, there's accentuation, does not follow any kind of rhyme and will not have a fixed metric computation.
It should be noted that these verses are very common in modern poetry.
Without going too far in time, the movement of artistic and literary that dates back to the Decade of the twenties of the last century, known as surrealism, knew how to use as distinguishing characteristic of his poems to verses.
The so-called generation of 27 (Dario Rubén, José Martí, among others), which was characterized by the avant-garde literary creation, they were devotees of the verse because it allowed them to break free from the typical limits proposed by the metric.
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