What is the Meaning & Definition of Version

A version is the way that each person will have on an observed fact.
As well as not all individuals are equal, or think the same is that for example a single fact there may be hundreds of versions, as so many people have appreciated it.
Each person who note it will appreciate it depending on your experience, your way of thinking, among other issues, and then create their own version of that fact or matter, which may coincide or not with the other, but vale indicate that he will be his own version beyond that there is agreement or not.
So for example in the observation of an accident, a witness may be a version that indicates how guilty the driver of the vehicle and on the other hand another witness to blaming the pedestrian.
In these cases that the versions on one same fact opposed will be needed skills and also get more witness statements to be able to elucidate which version is the one that most approaches to truth.
And we can move this situation at all levels, fields and events, since it is very common that everyone has their own version of a fact and that is diametrically opposed to the other.
In the field of journalism, it is very common that multiple versions and then, journalism may arise against a fact or situation that transcends but whose protagonists for example have not gone out to confirm or deny it is making to publicize all the versions circulating people according to their knowledge and experience to take it better close it.
Now, in this sense the versions that are made public by the media are often inaccurate, then the protagonists is very difficult to delete them from the popular imagination. More honest is that media should know when it comes to information checked with sources and when you are opposite versions missing confirm with stakeholders.
In art, especially in music, film, literature, turns out to be a common practice that some musicians, authors, directors make a new interpretation of such a song or a performance already recorded or performed by another artist, usually of great popularity.
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