What is the Meaning & Definition of vertex

Instances of the geometry the vertex is the point in which match both sides of an angle or well three or more planes. Also, the apex of a cone or a pyramid is called the vertex. And to the point of a curve at which the curvature reaches a maximum or minimum point referred to as the vertex.
By his side in the theory of the graphic, which is studying the properties of the graph, vertices are the fundamental units that make up the above graph (nonempty set of vertices). In the case of non-directed graphs are composed of vertices and edges (not ordered pairs of vertices), on the other hand, directed graphs are composed of vertices and arcs, which are ordered pairs of vertices.
On the other hand, in addition to geometry, the term presents a recurrent use in the fields of cartography and topography, since with the same it refers to the point on a surface that exceeds in height to all the other points immediately adjacent to it. Therefore, the word stands synonymous with the word top or the word Summit, referring to the highest part of a mountain, for example.
And this is just another use of the word, to account for the end or highest point presenting a thing. Incredibly, much earlier than expected, climbers reached the top of the mountain.
Meanwhile, the GEODESIC vertex is that signal is used to indicate an exact position that is part of a network of triangles, formed in turn by other geodetic vertices.
And in anatomy when speaking of vertex you will be referring to the highest part of the head of vertebrates and arthropods. In humans the cranial vertex consists of the frontal bone, parietal bones and the occipital bone attached, through the coronary artery suture, sagittal suture and lambdoid suture.
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