What is the Meaning & Definition of vestige

The concept of track does not have a very popular in our language use, i.e. people not use it so commonly to express meanings involving.
On the one hand, the track can be a keepsake that is part of the past lived, being its mission manifest it and express it, for example, a letter, a picture, a jewel or any other object that has formed part of our past can become a relic.
Normally instead of the concept of track we usually implement other more popular such as that of memory.
People tend to have a very consistent look on the past of our lives and this obviously includes those images, things or situations that were able to mark a turning point for our existence. Of course that they charged an entity per will and always tend to remember or treasure, even though they have passed many years of collection.
Because, who has not kept that doll that used to play in Grandma's House, or the love letters that were exchanged with any great love, among others...
Often when we encounter those vestiges of the past, instantly, we moved with a mind towards that moment that evoke, or can pass us that we are not thinking about that but soon if it appears something linked to the past Let's mobilize there very fast with the thought.
And on the other hand, the word vestige is often used in another sense, to indicate a sign, a test, as part of an investigation that is still an issue. Here we should also mention that the use of this concept is not as current as they are indications or evidence.
At the behest of a search, evidence or traces will allow infer any question which leads to the resolution of the case that is investigated.
Thus, for example, traces of a pair of shoes can be indications that allow police to determine whether the killer was a man or a woman. A trail of men's footwear will allow close investigations into the men of the nearby environment and exclude women with which you can reach faster resolution of the case. That undoubtedly is the great contribution of a relic in this sense, to help in the resolution.
And also called traces to the ruins and monuments which bequeathed us primitive peoples and expressed ourselves in some cases their cultures and customs.

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