What is the Meaning & Definition of Vice

In our language we use the word Vice to designate those habits, practices or customs that in the society or community in general are not all well seen since they involve any behavior or devoid of moral, degrading or deviant manifestation. Typical cases include: crime, lustful and obscene type practices and violence.
Also, it is usual that some use this concept to designate the default or custom, bad and negative of course, presenting an individual and that is characteristic, by his recurrent practice in his personality or behaviour. Maria has the habit of eating nails. John has a Vice by the drink that no longer controls. The son of Maria has the habit of swearing at family gatherings.
But without a doubt employment more we attach you to this term to designate the special preference have something and that then brings us to that you consume it or use in a constant manner and bordering on abuse in some extreme cases.
This situation usually occurs with psad such as marijuana and cocaine and alcohol and tobacco. So the dependence that generate those mentioned will be very difficult for the person to stop consuming them. Sometimes even a treatment get it.
The main danger that is a consumer of this type to become Vice are hyper negative consequences for the health of the consumer. Heart problems, behavioural, damage to the nervous system, are some of the conditions that can wake up with the abuse of these defects.
On the other hand, on the right, we find a reference to the term and holding that the Vice is the lack or error that is, either a document or writing public or any administrative act, for example.
Meanwhile, the concept opposite to the Vice is virtue, because virtue is precisely that personal quality that a person has and that leads her to always act in a way correct and good.
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