What is the Meaning & Definition of victim

The concept of victim use so widespread in our language to refer to a person who has been injured as a result of having suffered an accident or by a third party direct and intentional attack, he collided with his car or received a gunshot wound in an assault, respectively.
It is a practice common to all persons who are subject to some sort of crime, assault, kidnapping, violation, among others, call them victims, independent of that have left unharmed the same, i.e., that they have not suffered any physical attack, not even a scratch.
To justice and the authorities involved in the investigation of the case, they are victims, and then they will be treated with all the considerations that deserve the case, such as: care medical, psychological, and of course that those who apply address find and apprehend those responsible for the Act that injured them.
Meanwhile, in the particular case of a natural disaster that cannot be avoided and that in some cases can be expected, are provided to the victim the same attentions.
The term is also used to refer to a person who has died as a result of some of the mentioned events or many other possible.
Then, we'll talk about victim, when someone suffered an injury, damage, harm, and also when that someone died. My cousin was one of the victims of the fire in the building, but is now well. The assault on the bakery left three fatal victims as balance.
Anyway, always, especially when such situations are told through the media, brightens if the victim is only injured or failing it died and is therefore many times clarifying it is talking about fatalities.
And also we can find other recurring uses of the word, more informal and symbolic and which are given in the colloquial language, to mean: a person who as a result of their lack of foresight or responsibility or that of others suffered some setback; and also told victim to that individual who tends to become a martyr, not so to others.
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