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Victor Frankl is one of the most important authors in the history of psychology. Founder of logotherapy, a psychoanalytic school defined by the search for meaning of life as an existential human engine. The speech therapy acts as a flashlight that puts light on human suffering. I.e., help the person become aware of their own pain and meaning which can have on your life.
Victor Frankl related his experience in the Nazi concentration camps in the book the man in search of meaning, a work which brings together the main foundations of his philosophical thought but that also shows his personal greatness by keeping his positive thinking in positioning experience difficulty.

Man in search of meaning

In his work, the man in search of meaning, Victor Frankl explained how hope becomes a motor of life for man even when he is overcoming a major pain. The hope for the future gives a sense to present difficulties. Victor Frankl explains in his book how his great hope as he survived the concentration camps was to keep faith to see her family again, life (However, his wife and his parents died in the concentration camps).
Victor Frankl had a long life: he was born in Vienna in 1905 and died in September 1997. From the professional point of view, he studied medicine at the University of Vienna and specialized in Psychiatry, becoming an eminent expert on emotional health professional.
Victor Frankl founded logotherapy humanist of the human being a school of the search for sense and the espearanza that is rooted in a concept. Each person is a unique and unrepeatable being. In addition, human beings are spiritual: are intelligence, will and freedom.

Speech therapy and resilience

Victor Frankl is a firm defender of life from his own experience in the concentration camps, he concludes that human beings can find reasons to live and be happy even in the most complex circumstances. The Victor Frankl logotherapy is closely linked with the current concept of resilience that shows the ability of the human being be happy after overcoming pain and suffering.
Victor Frankl maintained professional contact with Freud, however, marked distance of thinking with regard to psychoanalysis.
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