What is the Meaning & Definition of Viet Nam

Known as one of the most important countries of Southeast Asia, Viet Nam has a very important cultural wealth as well as an incredible story and beautiful landscapes. Viet Nam is located geographically in the region known as South-East Asia, sharing borders with the countries of China, Laos and Cambodia. Much of its eastern border is bathed by the waters of the great sea of China. Despite being a small and narrow territory, Viet Nam has more than eighty-seven million inhabitants, which places within the fifteen most populated countries in the world.
Currently ruled by a Socialist popular democracy, Viet Nam has one of the most interesting stories of the planet. Having been for thousands of years in the shadow of the territory of China and receiving their cultural influence to a large extent, Viet Nam does not reach us us until the 20th century, a time in which this territory served as the headquarters for one of the most bloody and harsh recent wars. In her Western sides and capitalists (represented first by France and then by the United States) were pitted against communist and eastern sides. Due to the type of tactics that were used and the complete ignorance that the Americans had of this country, United States was removed from the war after years of suffer incredible casualties and losses.
Today Viet Nam is a free country whose capital is the city of Hanoi but Ho Chi Minh City is the most populous. While big cities in Viet Nam are an important advance modernization, much of the Vietnamese territory remains important and ancient traditions that make the population living in rural areas almost nulamente urbanized, resorting to precarious agricultural activities and ways of living in a poor and miserable point. However, the wealth of the country is precisely its culture and identity, reason why even large cities maintain ties with those traditions and legacies in their buildings, their celebrations and his art.

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