What is the Meaning & Definition of vigil

The word vigil supports various applications...
The human action of staying awake or sail several hours, apart from normal it known as vigil or wakefulness.
Also, the term, by the implications just mentioned, is often used to designate the problem when wanting to sleep, or in its absence, the absence of sleep. Exam worries me so much that I've been awake all night.
On the other hand, on the eve of the celebration of a religious holiday, likewise, it referred to as the vigil. We are on the eve of the Passover.
At the behest of a religious belief, the term wake is often used to account for the abstinence from eating certain foods, such is the case of meat, certain days of the week to find them linked to certain transcendental issues within the dogma that professes itself. For example, during the celebration of Easter, Christians, do not eat meat especially on Friday because it is the day in which Jesus died crucified on the cross.
It should be noted, that the vigil is one of the most important celebrations of the Christian Religion; It is held on the morning of Holy Saturday resurrection Sunday.
For its part, the stew of vigil consists of a traditional dish that is served on Friday during Lent in Spain; as a result of the disposal of not eating meat, stew contains cod, chickpeas, spinach, onions, garlic, oil and paprika. And the eggs of Vigil, are another recurrent dish during Easter, whose main ingredient is hard-boiled eggs, which, after cooking and remove them shell, are filled with the yolk of the own egg, crumbs of bread and anchovy, among other ingredients.
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