What is the Meaning & Definition of Vigorexia

We live in a society that exalts himself in a remarkable way the value of the physical appearance as shown in the fact that sport has become a real fashion to be in shape and have a good physical presence. In this sense, in this article we explain what the vigorexia as a mental disorder in which the person suffers too much by his physical appearance, becomes obsessed with their body image in a disproportionate way, beyond of the rational.

Exercise the body in excess, like an obsession

These are people who tend to carry out sport above the recommended, i.e. in excess. I.e., the care of the body becomes an obsession to the point that the person becomes a slave of certain habits. The love of the sport no longer be healthy at the time in which the sport becomes an unmitigated good that you can get to steal limelight from friends, i.e. people who have vigorexia tend to neglect their personal relationships in order to comply with the hard training sessions.
This obsession is great part of the thoughts of the person who does not have a real image of itself, i.e. has a distorted picture. Thereby, even if it is a person who has a body very muscled, you feel that it is not strong enough.

Problems in feed

Not only bigorexia is accompanied by excessive practice of physical exercise but also by changes in the food routine. The person may experience a problem of consumption of anabolic steroids. Profile of person who may suffer bigorexia is, in most cases, a man at the stage of youth. Apart from the physical realm of the vigorexia, it should be pointed out that this disorder also has emotional connotations.

A life immersed in the appearance

In addition, the person also suffers a distortion in the personal scheme while it puts its maximum value on physical appearance. In a way, a person who cares so much physically, tries to reassert itself through your body image to compensate for a problem of low self-esteem and insecurity.
The self-image that a person has of itself when you suffer from obesity is physical weakness. The person's image of itself has nothing to do with the image that it projected in others.
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