What is the Meaning & Definition of Vintage

The term vintage is a term from relatively recent use serving to designate fashion styles or design that based its main features in the recreation of elements of styles past, from other decades, with some retouching or element of creativity itself. Many times, the vintage styles are authentic creation although in other cases also can speak of vintage when referring to elements of those times which are still currently serving (e.g. clothes which were used by grandmothers and today the granddaughters use them).
Although the term can be applied to any product or item, it is more common to hear that something is vintage when talking about phenomena such as fashion, interior design, industrial design, advertising, personal styles (hair or makeup), music, etc. In other words, everything that has to do with creativity and with the idea that some past is recreated or reused in the present. The breadth of the term is also visible in the fact that many times the things or vintage elements are seen as elements of high quality, but other times can also mean poor quality products or antiques that are in poor condition. I.e., it depends on the particular use that is given to the term, it can have positive or negative connotations.
Due to the constant evolving society, return to elements that caused furor in other times is common and even understandable if one takes into account that as time passes the tastes, interests, news search, and originality are things that change easily and go from and towards opposite poles. Thus, it is common to see fashion becoming to wear garments, prints or styles that few years ago criticized and considered very last fashion.

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