What is the Meaning & Definition of vintage

The concept of vintage appoints the procedure that involves harvesting and subsequent collection of grape. The grape is the main raw material to manufacture so consumed products in the whole world as it is the case of wine and the vinegar.
The grape comes from the genus of plant known as vine and is without doubt one of the most important economically in the entire world, because as we have already said, after subjecting it to a special process gets the wine. However, we must also emphasize that a fruit is popular hyper that the world likes to consume it all natural. Its uniqueness is that it achieves in clusters, are round, small format, and very sweet.
Their coloration also deserves a paragraph aside since we may find ourselves with yellow grapes, green, black, Golden, purple, Brown, among others.
Vintage is a certainly old procedure that already practiced well primitive civilizations as Egypt back in silo II A.C.
Currently, there are basically two methods of harvest. The manual proposes a rather select pickup and used for the production of high quality wines. Now, we must mention that this method is much more expensive with regard to the mechanic.
The mechanical procedure is just being imposed by low costs and the complications that exist in search of skilled labor to perform the manual process.
The term also means that time of the year in which the aforementioned crop harvest is collected. The period between February and April and in the North between July and October is located in the southern hemisphere. Obviously that it strongly affects the degree of maturation is waiting for.
And the concept is widely used to refer to the holiday celebrated in most of the places in the world where grape cultivation is carried out. This celebration has prevailed for thousands of years to just celebrate the harvest made reality.
One of the most recognized is that which takes place in the Argentina Province of Mendoza, area in which takes place the cultivation of grapes to produce wine.

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