What is the Meaning & Definition of violence

It means violence to those acts that have to do with the exercise of a verbal or physical force on another person, animal or object and having resulting damage on that person or object generation either voluntary or accidental. Violence is one of the most common human acts (although this is not privative of it if not that also occurs between other living beings) and is difficult to determine with certainty if the human being is able to live in society without exerting any kind of violence. Violence can, moreover, be exercised by a person about herself.
It is estimated that violence is the Act of exercising some kind of aggression on another or oneself. This Act of aggression involves the damage or destruction through very different methods that can go from the physical and body to verbal and emotional. Although in the majority of cases the violence is explicit and visible, many times, the presence of violence may be tacit or implied. In these cases, it is exerted from actions such as subliminal persecution, implicit censorship and self-control that is expected to generate in different individuals.
The recourse to violence may be linked to the action of an individual or a group of individuals, but also, and in many cases it is here when achieves greater scope, may be exercised by bodies or institutions from which are transmitted violent, aggressive and discriminatory messages towards the population. Normally, the results of such kind of violence (as that exerted authoritarian States throughout history) are clearly evident in societies that can enter into serious conflicts and fights among themselves.
There are different types of violence usually on some social groups or individuals most vulnerable such as women, children, youth, the elderly, some ethnic groups traditionally underestimated in some circles, religious groups and minorities of different type.
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