What is the Meaning & Definition of VIP

VIP is an acronym that is very popular in the whole world, but emerged in the English language to briefly refer to the very important people (Very Important Person).
The above expression and therefore also its acronym, began to be used between 1940 and 1945, in different areas, politics, entertainment, sports, companies, among others, to designate those prominent characters in any of these contexts that attending an event and which therefore required attention and special in the same protection.
The person who enjoys the categorization of VIP will have different privileges to attend an event or event (product launchings, inaugurations of new settlements), for example, has exclusive access to areas reserved especially to people of their condition, i.e. sharing the event with other VIPS and usually tends to have the opportunity of drinks free of any kind of food and drink that is offered at the event in question.
On the other hand, there are public places, such is the case of airports or financial institutions, which have VIP spaces, in which the relevant characters in an activity considered VIP enjoy different privileges, for example, in the case of airports, the VIP personalities tend to remain holdouts VIP until his plane DT so as to avoid the siege of the people or the press.
In recent times, another category has uploaded a post above the VIP and this is the VVIP or Very, Very Important Person (person very, very, important). Usually used to refer to the majority shareholder of a company.
On the other hand, at the behest of the nautical, VIP is the stateroom or cabin more important and luxury of a boat.
And in public forums called VIP users who by their track record and history of collaboration are recognized as VIP and therefore enjoy a preferential treatment.
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