What is the Meaning & Definition of virulence

Make good use of the language in the speeches is very important to have a proper use of each word. However, frequently States confusion in the terms. For example, sometimes, the word is used virulence as synonymous with violent concept when in fact, it doesn't.
Adjective both health-related and as with violence
The term virulence, used properly, is an adjective that may apply to some cases in particular, for example, can serve to explain that a flu virus acting with high virulence. However, never should be this concept there where the right thing is to use the word violence.
In the field of violence
The concept of violence refers to those human behaviours that reflect a certain aggressiveness, for example, a coup is a violent gesture. Violence can be not only physical but also verbal as shown by insults, shouts or derogatory words towards another person.
Attacks on the environment
Similarly, the concept of violence can also be applied to other different context, for example, natural phenomena can also be violent according to its intensity and human damage produced. This happens in the case of an earthquake, a flood or a hurricane. In such a context the concept of virulent should not apply.
In the framework of the health
The term virulence refers, in the field of health, to harmful diseases that have a great intensity in its effects on the human being. Therefore, is an adjective that can be applied to the level of health to define the intensity of a disease that has produced some concrete effects. From another point of view, the concept of virulence may also refer to a spoken or written discourse that has an intensity discharge so powerful that it does not cause indifference in the partner.
Understanding the context and form of the term
Establish the clear difference between the concept of violence and virulence is the first step in order to make proper use of each word and integrate it in its proper context in order to have a better expression. In 2010, the Foundation of urgent Spanish (Fundéu) clarified through a note press the difference between the concepts of virulence and violence with the objective of defending use mail from Spanish in the media.
The concepts of violence and virulence have its similarity in that both are marked by their intensity. However, they describe different realities as we have explained in this article.
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