What is the Meaning & Definition of Virus

At the behest of biology, a virus is a microscopic agent, carrier of infection, which can only multiply inside the cells of other organisms and which is the cause of a host of diseases.
Viruses swarm all over our planet and are also the most substantial body type.
They are composed of genetic material, which has the hereditary information, either DNA or RNA, a cover of protein that has the Mission of protecting these acids and in some special cases there may be a lipid bilayer which protects them when they are outside of the cell.
Note that viruses reach all agencies such as: human beings, animals, plants and they are so but so small that they must be referred from optics such as microscopes.
With respect to its form, there are flutes or icosahedra. The first is characterized by its curved lines and with a tangent that forms a constant angle and the seconds are Polyhedra composed of twenty faces.
Its origin is subject to a variety of hypotheses, they could have evolved from fragments of DNA or bacteria, among the most mentioned.
The spread of the virus occurs in different ways, and even, each type of virus has a particular mode of transmission.
For instance, transmission vectors are organisms that transmit the virus among carriers, while plant viruses are often transmitted from insects when they are fed through the SAP. On the other hand, popular influenza virus is transmitted from the air that we breathe when people who holds it sneezes, coughs, among others.
And better known as AIDS, HIV is a virus that is transmitted mainly through sexual contact with an infected.
Virology is a branch within the microbiology which deals with the detailed study of the virus. The structure, evolution, classification, playback, mode in which infected, interaction with a host organism, immunity who have diseases that trigger, are some of the issues addressed in this discipline.
And in computer science, the word virus has become very popular since is used to indicate to the program that is added to a PC via disks or other elements and at any time and automatically destroys stored data or modifies some content.
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