What is the Meaning & Definition of Vision

According to the context and the use that is you of, the term vision can refer to various issues.
In general terms by vision refers to the action or the result of seeing something or someone and also the ability which can be seen so that it will be given and subject to the physical condition of the person and the environment in which it moves.
Also the vision stands as one of the main senses that we have people and animals, and which consists in the ability to detect light and interpret it. Through the sense of sight is that the brain can perceive shapes, movements and colors that exist in the world.
The first part of the visual system which we have dealt with form product of visual stimulus the optical image on the retina, being the cornea and the crystalline lens of the eye, the components that allow to carry out this important function. Meanwhile, the cells in the retina form what is called the sensory system of the eye, being the first to intervene the photoreceptors and who will be responsible for capturing light that influence over them, then other cells of the retina, will take care of transforming light into electrochemical impulses and to transport them to the optic nerve and once there will be screened to different regions such as the visual brain cortex and the lateral geniculate nucleus. And once in this brain is in charge of rebuilding the distances, colors, movements and shapes of the objects.
On the other hand, also with the end of vision, it refers to the immediate and direct understanding of things, but that occurs in a supernatural manner, i.e. when someone can see a fact will happen in future time.
Also when you want to give he has the special ability and skill that someone has for something usually talk about it as a vision. For example, the view that Mary has for that type of business is incredible.

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