What is the Meaning & Definition of vitamin

Vitamins are organic substances present in foods eat living things which are very necessary to balance the vital functions.
But as mentioned, they are to be indispensable to the balance of our body, vitamins should be consumed in doses fair and balanced for the proper functioning of the body. As the human body cannot synthesize much of essential vitamins is that we need to consume them from the different foods that contain them.
Notably in relation to recently mentioned, than vitamins consumed in excess, or the absence of them, can lead to the development of serious diseases, therefore, recommended, above all things, a balanced and based mainly on natural foods nutrition.
Meanwhile, there is a formal name to designate the excess of vitamins and their absence: hypervitaminosis and avitaminosis, respectively.
The main sources of vitamins are raw vegetables and dried fruits; This issue must be taken very much because the more you cook the food or if we prepare them in advance, them, lose significantly the amount of original vitamins presenting. Professional councils indicate that the preferred is equal or surpass the consumption of 5 portions of vegetables or dried fruit, per day.
Although as mentioned processing usually reduce the amount of vitamins, is also a reality that some processes the increase, such is the case of the fermentation of bread, cheese, yogurt bacteria from making, healing of sausages, germination of seeds to salads.
Meanwhile, there are different types of vitamins, which are categorized with a capital letter... Vitamin A is found in the liver of various animals, broccoli and carrots, among others. Vitamin B, we will find it in the milk and bread and it is essential to have a functioning brain and metabolism in general; Vitamin C, preferably in citrus fruits; Although there are many types more E (antioxidant effect, found in broccoli, spinach), D (antirachitic vitamin, find it in the milk and egg), B12 (complex of cobalt, milk, meat and egg), etc.
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