What is the Meaning & Definition of Vocabulary

It means vocabulary to the more or less complex set of terms that make up a language or language. The vocabulary varies for each language and is a significant feature the transform with the passage of time according to the aggregate or abandonment of some words. On the other hand, while the vocabulary is a social invention which has as main objective the communication among individuals, also can be generated individual vocabularies that have to do with the generation of more or less custom terms that only the subject in question can be understood at all.
As most communicative human creations, the vocabulary might be described as a dynamic structure which does not remain static if not that varies with time and the passage of generations, responsible for abandoning or add words in daily use of the language. The vocabulary of a language may be similar to another language, but it will never be the same and while some languages are actually complexes in what refers to the terms and their meanings, others are considered much more simple and accessible.
So that someone can understand the vocabulary of a language, it is necessary that you can understand and use it. At the same time, it can also happen that some terms are understandable at the mental level but are not easily definable in words because their use has to do mostly with the common use of the term. Recognize the word only by Phonics or directly not knowing its meaning or not knowing the word imply, however, that term does not form part of the vocabulary of a person.
Normally, when you think of the term 'vocabulary', it is thought on the set of words used orally. However, this may differ from the written vocabulary since the terms to use in each situation and space will not be the same, being different for different types of situations language.
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