What is the Meaning & Definition of volatile

The ease of flying or disperse in the air is meant by volatile to those elements that, by their physical characteristics, they have. Typically, the term is used much on issues or phenomena that have to do with physics or science. However, it can also be used in a metaphorical way to refer to social phenomena, for example when you want to say that a person has very volatile relationships which means that their relations or contacts with others are very unstable and non-durables.
It should clarify that the volatile term is a qualifying adjective that applies to certain phenomena or things explicit. Volatile is something that checks the characteristics of volatility, i.e., the ability to rise and disperse in the air. So that something can be considered volatile must meet certain characteristics, especially being very light or light in weight so that the same air to disperse it or raise it in the event that this is necessary. In addition, is also important for example if it's gaseous matter, that it does not possess a very high concentration and thus can air be heavier that she like to fly in it.
As mentioned, the volatile applies in most cases to physical or scientific issues. But the term is also often used for other issues, those that do not have any scientific and related more than anything with social aspects. This is clear when we speak of phenomena which contain short duration and which are very fragile to different events of reality, for example a promise that is volatile is a promise that has not much duration and which is therefore not done explicitly.

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