What is the Meaning & Definition of volcano

He is designated with the word volcano to that line that establishes a direct communication between the Earth's surface and deep levels of the Earth's crust. The volcano is an opening or fissure in the Earth's crust, usually in a mountain, for which amount, every certain period of time, or have come in sometime, smoke, lava, gases, ashes, lit or melted in the interior of the earth materials.
The eruption of the volcano, as it referred to the process of expulsion, happens when the magma, a mixture of molten rock, gas and other components, which is under pressure, begins to climb.
Meanwhile, the chimney is the duct that connects the magma chamber of the depth with the Earth's surface, erupt lava through the central chimney of the volcano, which can also be presenting other formations known parasitic cones or just some who ejecting gas and are called fumaroles.
When a volcano does not record in its eruptive activity life, specialists agree that it is then an inactive volcano, while those volcanoes which, on the contrary, have recently had eruptive activity or even that they show it in the present, are called active volcanoes.
In addition to the volcanoes, they are super volcanoes, which is a type of volcano characterized and differs from the common because it has voluminous eruptions, with strong explosions and a tremendous amount of magma expelled. This type is so powerful that even has the ability to change the climate of the place in which are for long years and alter the landscape that surrounds them in a radical way.
The volcano term comes from the latin word Vulcan, which referred to instances of Roman mythology the God of metals and fire, married to Venus and father of Jupiter and Juno. This culture, Vulcan was the creator of weapons and armor with which defended themselves heroes.
But the volcano term also has other uses... Language and popular culture often use it to realize that very strong feeling or burning passion that someone feels on the other or when you want to refer to a person as passionate or ardent.
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