What is the Meaning & Definition of Voluble

The voluble term is recurrently used in everyday language to refer to that individual who presents an inconstant character, i.e., that changes with ease both your taste and your opinions, the famous cyclothymic, we could also add.
More than insurance on any of the environments we often frequent we have encountered with a voluble guy... Then, the voluble is very easy to detect among the population because it will be that one day, or a week, think that the best thing in the world is to go on holiday to Uruguay, meanwhile, next week or even more, the next day will listen it to tell another that your best holidays have not passed in Uruguay as we would expect from listening to his previous statements , but on the coast of argentina, where he has many friends and the climate tends to present is better than in the Uruguay.
In cases like the mentioned can be sympathetic and even if you want anecdotal, although in some other circumstances, such as coexistence with a voluble guy, the issue is by others of complex, since in reality never we can know with certainty what bothers him, what it pleases, because it is constantly changing preferences, loves and hates, among other issues and obviously this question difficult when it comes to having to reach agreements.
And on the other hand, the term refers to the stem which grows forming whorls around any object that is to its around.
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