What is the Meaning & Definition of vote

The vote is the most important moment in any situation that involves making decisions regarding any issue. Through him, participating individuals express their choice and represent respect by choice with greater number of grants. Normally, the action of vote relates directly to democratic political systems in which almost entire populations (with the exception of children and foreigners) decide on various aspects of community life.
There are numerous methodologies through which it can exercise a vote or suffrage and the choice of voting system will have to do with the purpose for which it is voted. I.e., while there are moments in which the vote can be held on an informal basis (such as an Assembly of Consortium), other situations involve much larger (for example, when discussing national elections to choose rulers) a management and organization. In this sense, the vote can be public or private, secret or sung, individual or group, qualified or massive, mandatory or optional, etc. All these possibilities are adapted to different situations.
Of course, individual, secret and compulsory vote is directly related to democracy and the sovereign exercise of our preferences. If it is understood in this way, you can say that the vote is a very recent phenomenon since historically societies have handled politically through inheritance inherited or based on divine designs of their rulers. It was not only until the beginning of the 19th century that the notion of the election through vote of political leaders began to take shape. In the case of women, the right to vote was not made possible if not until the end of the century XIX and beginning of the 20th, there still populations in which women do not have the possibility of voting. Today, in addition, many groups with anarchist and descreidas slopes of the democratic system, called citizens to not vote with the aim of not allowing rulers to perpetuate itself in power, maintaining also the conditions of inequality, poverty, misery and hopelessness of some countries.
So the vote can be conducted in democratic systems, should be a process of medium-to-long term involving the register appropriate individuals who will be eligible to vote, the establishment of the options to choose, the Organization and regulation of the spaces where to vote, the distribution of ballot boxes and materials needed to carry out the vote the vote itself and the further sum of the votes cast with the subsequent proclamation of the winning option.

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