What is the Meaning & Definition of voting

The word vote refers to the action and result of vote, meanwhile, vote, mean the fact of giving one a vote to another, or failing that, express the opinion at a meeting, deliberative, or body in a political election, vote for this or that candidate.
The vote is the expression of a preference before an option. This expression can be expressed in a secret manner or public mode, i.e., in the latter case everyone will know the election in question. Although the word vote is also used to mention the ballot, ballot paper or any other object that represents an option; or opinion which is explained to a meeting or Assembly.
Meanwhile, the reviewed concepts of voting, vote and vote hold a special and decisive presence within the political context, in which used with recurrence.
In most of the political systems of the world which sends democracy, i.e., where there is the effective participation of the people in the choice of their representatives, the vote constitutes a constitutional and political right that all citizens have at their disposal; While therefore the vote supports two levels, active, which means that all individuals have the right to cast their vote to choose who will be people who will represent them in different positions; and on the other hand, a passive dimension, which will involve the right of the individual to be able to stand as a candidate to represent their peers.
If we review the history of the world demonstrated that voting is a relatively new law, more precisely of the last century, since previously, societies, policy, were handled through hereditary succession or by divine designs of rulers; in the 19th century the concept of voting began to take shape and already in the 20th century spread almost all over the world.
Also, the set of votes cast is called is as voting. Prosecutors watched the counting of the votes.
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