What is the Meaning & Definition of voyeurism

There are different types of sexual behaviors. Some behaviors go against the norm. This article focuses attention on the study of voyeurism, as a sexual behavior that can be tagged into the classification of paraphilias. The person voyeur is excited with the observation of naked people.

Observe without being discovered, attracted by knowing that you are doing something improper

The voyeur acts without being observed, i.e., is a psychological game in which comes the added excitement of the pressure to be discovered and be betrayed in this Act. Hence arises the main source of pleasure, of the feeling to be crossing the line of what is forbidden. One of the incentives that seeks the voyeur that experiences emotion in the Act of passing unnoticed is the fact of seeing without being seen.

A violation of the privacy of person

The difference of own of him who sees without being seen voyeurism and the Act of excitation of a nude person seeing your partner is that in this case there is consent and awareness by both parties, on the other hand, in the case of voyeurism there this consent by the object of desire that occupies the role of victim. In other words, the rights of the person are violated. While the voyeur sees without being seen, the victim is seen without wanting to be him.
A person with attitudes of voyeurism may use different means to achieve his goal of seeing without being seen. For example, a person can be seen through the door lock. Other people, in order to see a location determined by the distance, can also use a camera. There are no general rules to define the usual profile of people with attitudes voyeuristic, however, do tend to be people who have difficulty maintaining stable relationships.

A dangerous game that is limited to observe

It is important to point out that on a regular basis, the voyeur does not extend beyond observe a situation without being seen. I.e., it has a further purpose. In fact, looking for the anonymity of unnoticed, feel comfortable in the invisibility of the background. This attitude shows a personal response to a particular sexual desire.
Voyeurism is a type of sexual behavior that can show different profiles. For example, of the exhibitionist.
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