What is the Meaning & Definition of Vulgar

When someone or something it branded it's vulgar it is because its characteristics, behaviour, appearance, among other issues, tell us that it is a worthy representative of the vulgar, as it referred to the common popular people.
Meanwhile, the commonest use given to the term, taking into account the above, is for that which is improper of educated people or who have a good education.
Maria made a gesture highly vulgar after defeat to his rival. Talk with a mouth full is the most vulgar habit that I hate.
Swearing, profanity, also known as curse words and some gestures, such as lifting of the middle finger, picking your nose with your finger and be handed the genitals, are considered as vulgar. Anyway, as far as language concerns, there are some words that have only a vulgar meaning in a given society or community, just for the social acceptance that has been given to it, therefore, may be that when using it is in another country their meaning does not forward any vulgar connotation.
But eye, that profanity do not comply with exclusivity the vulgar language but that this type of language transcends the bad words, i.e., a person can very commonly speak without having used a bad word. For example, in a supermarket when a young woman tells a Lady: correte old that I can't spend, you are using words that are vulgar in themselves, however, tone, absolutely disrespectful mode especially against a greater make that comment should be considered very vulgar.
On the other hand, vulgarity it is often linked with sexual issues, for example, when someone refers to sex using the most vulgar words that referred to the male or female genitals.
Another use of the word is given to refer to that which is common or general and which is therefore opposed to the technical.
Also, when something is lacking in originality he is called vulgar.

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