What is the Meaning & Definition of Vulnerable

When it is said that such or which, or that something is vulnerable, you want to see that that something or individual, as applicable, are plausible to be injured or damaged either physically or morally.
Generally, children and the elderly, as a result of the limitations imposed by their respective ages, are those individuals more likely infringement. If an adult wants to do physical harm to a child, surely, you will make it because you won't find part thereof sufficient resistance to prevent it; a child, by more intelligent that is may not against force employing an adult to for example to kidnap him.
The same happens with older people, already their physicists have typical wear by the passage of time, his head is also much slower and so they are not only easy to handle physically through a coup, they also are ideal to deceive prey. It is common for thieves to choose targets for your crimes the elderly because they know that they are much more vulnerable than others by the scarce possibilities of defense can be a priori.

Also, those people that are are going through a crisis emotional strong result be more vulnerable. For example, an individual who has just lost a loved one, surely, will be more prone to crying, although the situation is also not a high degree of emotion.
In addition, it turns out to be very common that the vulnerability he associated it is with weakness, it is strange that a person strong and secure if it can good to first be damaged or injured in any of the above-mentioned forms.
On the other hand, a vulnerable species is any species susceptible to extinction in the near future. The International Union for the conservation of nature (IUCN) is the body which deals determine the vulnerability that present some species, meanwhile, the categorization of a vulnerable species turns out to be the first alert that this organization States on the species before moving on to the following categories: endangered and critically endangered.

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