What is the Meaning & Definition of Vuvuzela

The vuvuzela is a variant of the long trumpet used especially at the behest of the sport by fans and fans of a particular team to encourage and cheer on their team. Its use is focused in South African football, although it is worth noting that after the last World Cup, held a couple of months ago just in South African land, the use of the vuvuzela has been popularized, getting extended to other cultures and countries that decided to adopt it also.
Mostly, they are manufactured in plastic and the sound produced is similar to the trumpet of an elephant or the buzz of a bee.
While there are no coincidences with respect to the origin of the term, there are large signs that indicate that it comes from the word vuvu, which in Zulu means making noise.
But for soccer in general and in particular Soccer South Africa as mentioned in the vuvuzela implies and is related to the excitement of fans, not everyone considered it a cheerful and innocent object, but on the contrary, since for example at the international level, that is, outside South Africa, its use has presented several controversies for example, FIFA, at some point, then should give up as a result of the pressures, it planned to ban it as, on the one hand, a disruptive element within the Court in securing the concentration of the players and on the other hand because it could be used as a weapon into court, to throw it which projectile on the humanity of any player the arbitrator or a sympathizer.
With fans in favor and with the players and journalists against, has been that the vuvuzela causes serious hearing damage due to excessive intensity presenting the sound produced. A vuvuzela executed to short distance reaches 127 decibels, while the motor start-up of a plane 120 decibels, a figure really high in comparison.
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