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A world war is a conflict in which different Nations faced and its consequences affect the whole of the planet. There have been two world wars, the first and the second. The first (called also great war) took place between 1914 and 1918. The second took place between 1939 and 1945. Each of them had a few causes and consequences and currently the world order is the result, largely, of two races, mainly the second.
You can talk of a general mechanism in global conflicts. Initially there are a number of tensions between some Nations. A town wants to expand their territories and invade others. This causes a reaction and come into dispute other countries who want to keep a few interests, mainly economic. The war begins with a statement and each nation sets in motion a strategy of attack and defense. To achieve a greater potential, the countries come together creating alliances. The development of the confrontation is complex. There are the armies of land, sea and air battles. There are actions of wear of the forces of the enemy. There are also moments of truce in which there is a momentary peace. Great military strategists for each side organized their armies to crush his rivals. The civilian population is affected by the consequences of the war and suffering hunger and deprivation. Film and literature has had countless stories about the world wars and even speaks of the war genre.
Accountability occurs when one of the sides in conflict extremely debilitated and can no longer continue in the contest. The leaders of the Nations meet and decide a final solution. This solution plasma is an agreement (in the first world war was the Treaty of Versailles and to the ll world war was the Yalta).
The victors imposed conditions to the
defeated, they are generally economic sanctions
and a loss of their territories.
The end of a world war is accompanied by a period of reconstruction of the affected Nations. It is necessary to return to normal and so all economic and social sectors work to lift the country from its ruins. It is a slow and expensive task. In this sense, in the ll world war was launched the Marshall Plan, an international project aimed at economic recovery.
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