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The concept of tempered has extended into our language use.

Climate without heat or cold extremes, temperature average nice

One of its main uses is linked to climate and case is that we use when we want to indicate that somewhere it does neither cold nor hot extremes, but the temperatures are pleasant.
Normal temperatures in a temperate climate are 15 degrees Celsius, meanwhile, the rains oscillate between the 500 and the 1,000 mm. During the year.
In regions where the climate of this type occurs, the winters are not raw nor exploit the summer heat. In both seasons the temperatures stay in a balanced media which means that they are not extreme as already noted.

Treatment and technique applied in steel and glass to make them more resistant

On the other hand, the word is used to refer to that special treatment which is done on iron alloys with a mission to increase its hardness, and also the technique is applied to glass to make harder also to this material.
The main feature presenting the materials that have been temperate is that they do not glow, however, its solidity and resistance stands out greatly.
In glasses it is very usual that tempered procedure carried out because it just adds rigidity and makes them resistant when they form part of a structure. In the field of the construction of buildings and houses, it is recurrent that glasses that have been subjected to this process are implemented in the openings. And in the automotive field has also begun to include glass tempered by the strength which give the vehicle.
The advantage is that when tempered glass breaks, it will make it into many small pieces and this left endangerment.

Moderate person

Also in the colloquial language we use the mild word to refer to a person who is characterized by his moderation and tranquility in the Act and giving opinions, i.e., does not commit excesses in any sense and is always shown to moderate what he says and does. That this sense of the word is synonymous with restraint and serenity.
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