What is the Meaning & Definition of warts

Warts are elevated skin lesions that are due to infection with the Human Papilloma Virus, can be placed anywhere on the body but are most common on exposed areas such as the skin of the hands, face, feet, as well as the mucous membranes of the genitals where the virus penetrates through sexual contact.
This virus more commonly known by its acronym HPV infects the cells of the basal layers of skin by inducing to increase its replication, is acquired by contact with lesions or objects contaminated with this agent.
The most common form of wart is the so-called Verruca Vulgaris, they are rounded or elongated even injury, they are located on the face, back of the hands and fingers. In elderly people can present as rough or irregular rounded lesions that are known as disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis. At the level of the foot warts sometimes adopt flat shapes that may be confused with calluses, however the most common presentation is a lesion rounded with a deep root that gives you a cone shape.
It is important to assess carefully the warts, since there is a malignant tumor of the skin called squamous cell carcinoma which is often confused with a mole or a wart. Before warty that Ulcerating, which bleeds or injury that grows by adopting similar to a horn is important to consult dermatologist since it is necessary to take a biopsy of the lesion to practice a histological study allowing to make the accurate diagnosis since in these cases the conduct to be followed with regard to the treatment is different.
Treatment of warts is based on their elimination, so can be used various techniques such as surgery or cryosurgery. In the case of unique or rare warts-based acetylsalicylic acid solutions can be applied locally which gives good results, this substance should be placed daily at night then covering the lesion, best results are obtained if it scrapes the lesion prior to the implementation of this solution.
Genital warts called Condylomas and they must be removed since for women are associated with the development of cervical cancer. In the case of condylomas treatment should be applied by the physician as there are often deep lesions are accessed with the use of instruments such as the vaginal Speculum or the rectoscope.
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