What is the Meaning & Definition of Web

Fabric that interweaves the spider with glands and which serves as a protection, hunting, transportation, food

The spider's Web is a fabric that is formed exclusively by the spider and which creates interweaving threads that it segregates through their spinning glands, located on the back side of their abdomens.
It is noted that older spiders have a few of these glands, meanwhile, more evolved species have many more that allow them to synthesize spider webs to apply in different cases. In addition, we must say that this Act of construction of cobwebs implies a great expenditure of energy for the spider which is usual to then eat them is to retrieve the same.
Silk protein spider that is just spun by spiders has many applications for these famous Arachnids, to develop networks to hunting, nests to protect eggs, transport, own food, and protection of some predators that fly, such as wasps and some types of birds, among others, but also their properties are still investigating to produce silk for example and further develop the weaving industry. And on the other hand as there is evidence that some cobwebs have so solid thick it studies for future applications in the field of industry and medicine.

The thousand and one ways of spider webs

Forms that can submit a Web are varied, may have form of funnel, sheet, spiral, among the most recognized, and also its consistency can be different depending on the type of spider that produces it, sticky silk or silk with hairs.
There are some certainly sophisticated and specific purposes as the presenting irregular tangles and spiders that weave especially to simply capture their prey, usually flying insects that fall into the nets.

The smash hit, Spider-man

Moreover not can avoid the Spider Web and spiders has become hyper popular as a result of the comic Spider-man or Spiderman superhero, who just has several powers similar to the of the spiders and that allow you for example to generate Web or climb high positions for its adherence to the walls. This superhero was born in the comic as we noted many years ago, in 1962, and then the great success of its history made that it is also moving to the small screen and the seventh art.
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