What is the Meaning & Definition of Wireless

An example of router wireless, by extension any device that carries antenna can be wireless except for radio television etc.
Wireless is one of those English terms associated with WIFI (Wireless Fidelity) networks, we live day to day with this acronym, but only a few know what it means. Translated, WIFI means wireless fidelity. Specifying, wireless means not carrying cables. When internet was born, be connected meant literally to be connected with a cable, this remained disabled when using a laptop, that serves have a laptop if not you can move it beyond cable connection to the internet. Wireless also means rules or protocols that are closely linked with the technology of radio and even television, although this last is another way that we won't explain here.
Wireless is a frequency that has inside our computer data and the commands to the router that connects us to the network of networks, once the data are in the router the "loose" and are transmitted via cable to our provider of internet and from there until the rest of the virtual world. Wireless refers to a technology that spans many fields since anything that can handle without wires is considered wireless. A remote control buggy is wireless, the remote control of a TV is wireless, etc.
Wireless technology may be subject to interference that is why it is very important that the connection distance is appropriate for the type of link that you want to set, thus the signal arrives at the receiver in a clear way and connects as if it were a true cable. Curiosity means that the term or acronym WIFI was taken by a commercial company, this happened when several companies merged and developed the standard of wireless communication for computer science. Companies taken once wireless technology hired a company of advertising who invented the term Wi-Fi so people knew in general that is about when this "word" was used (is actually an acronym), was also commissioned to associate it with the Yin-Yang symbol to make it more striking.

The symbol created based on Yin-Yang to make the standard more attractive wireless
If not they would have hired that company the name of wireless computer technology would be: "IEEE 802. 11b of direct sequence", does not seem possible to advertise with that name. Today the Association that defends the wireless computer consists of more than 150 companies.
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