What is the Meaning & Definition of witness

According to the use that is given, the word witness may cover various issues.
The most frequently used is the person who bears witness of something, especially at the request of a judicial act. When a trial is happening it is usual that during the development of the same is happen statements, known as testimonies of witnesses of the fact that is investigated. Normally, CITES them is that a day of judgment arise before the Court and discuss everything what they have seen, heard or known regarding what is investigated. Witnesses are very important in determining the guilt or innocence of a defendant.
While both within the Judiciary Act that we mentioned we can find an eye-witness, one who directly observed a fact, or failing, with no eyewitness, that will be the one that provides statement about what you have been told or heard tell of another.
The experts who were frequently called for the investigation of a case are often cite in the trial so that they provide testimony, in this case becoming no eyewitnesses, whose mission is the provide technical or specific elements inherent in their function.
On the other hand, the witness for the prosecution will be one who bears witness against the defendant in a trial.
Witnesses, until they come to testify, takes an oath in which undertake to tell the truth, if you checked that a witness committed perjury can be sued for false testimony and depending on the case, may even have to serve sentence in prison.
Also called witness to the person that the presence of a direct an event or occurrence. I witnessed the kiss between Laura and John.
And in sport, more precisely in the relay race, referred to as witness to that bar a team runners passed in the area of change that is enabled for this task in each post.
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